Barber-Colman Type A Gear Hob


Barber-Colman Type A Gear Hob


Barber-Colman Type A Gear Hob

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Serial Number: 397

Catalogue Specifications:

Maximum Work Diameter: 16”
Maximum Carriage Travel: 56”
Maximum Tooth Coarseness: 6 DP
Maximum Vertical Feed: 8”
Maximum Distance Spindle Face to Tailstock: 66”
Spindale Bore Diameter: 4.125”
Maximum Hob Diameter: 5”
Maximum Swivel Head Setting: 45 Deg. +
Maximum Hob Speed: 425 IPR
Approximate Dimensions: 163” LR x 68” FB x 72” H
Approximate Weight: 14,000 lbs.

Specifications are subject to customer verification.

Location: Fairfield, IA