Hyd-Mech H-12 Band Saw


Hyd-Mech H-12 Band Saw


Hyd-Mech H-12 Band Saw

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General Catalogue Specifications:

Capacity round 12″ dia
rectangular 12″ x 12″
Blade: length 13′ 6″
width 1″
thickness .035″
Blade: Speed 75-400 SFM (with VFD option, 50-350)
Blade: Tension manual (26,000 psi)
Blade: Guides carbides (coolant lubricated)
Blade: Wheel Diameter 16″ diameter
Motors: blade drive 3hp, 5HP optional
hydraulic 2hp
Pumps: hydraulic pump 6 1/2 gpm
(pressure compensated)
coolant pump 3 1/2 gpm
Hydraulic Tank 7.5 US gallons
Coolant Tank 23 US gallons
Hydraulic System Pressure 500 psi
Vise Control hydraulic
Shuttle Stroke 0-22″ single stroke multi shuttle capability
Table Height 31″
Control Panel waist height
Machine Weight 3800 lbs.
Maximum Workload 6000 lbs.
Overall Dimensions 88″ W x 78″ L x 68″ H

Specifications are subject to customer verification.

Location: Fairfield, IA