Hypertherm HT2000


Hypertherm HT2000


Hypertherm HT2000

These units came off of Whitney Plasma Punch Presses. Each unit is equipped with gas console, and remote high frequency console.


Power Supply:
Maximum OCV: 280 VDC
Output Current: 40 to 200 amps
Output Voltage: 150 VDC
Duty Cycle Rating: 100% up to 30kW

Ambient Temperatures/Duty Cycle: Power supplies will operate between +14o and 104oF. Power supplies operated in an ambient temperature above 86oF may show some decrease in duty cycle.

Input Power: 240/480 VAC, 3PH, 60 Hz, 90/45 amps

Dimensions and Weight:
Width: 28 ¼”
Height: 35 ½”
Depth: 41 ¼”
Weight: 780 pounds

Cooling: Forced Air (Class F)
Torch Coolant Tank Capacity: 2.9 gallons

Machine Torch:
Maximum cutting thickness: 2 inch
Maximum current at 100% duty cycle: 200 amps
Water coolant flow rate: 0.8 gpm
Weight: 2 ½ pounds